The Popularity of Storage Containers

Storage-containerIt’s all about portability nowadays, from barbecue grills to portable homes. In the latter, storage containers are important as – in most mobile homes – they serve as the main shell that one can build on. A storage container – whether one buys it or rents it – is highly convenient. Why are storage containers becoming more popular and why do they answer any company or individual’s storage problems?


When it comes to storage, especially for businesses that want to keep track of inventory, security is important when considering portable storage options. The best storage containers for security are containers made of steel and come with security options like tamper-proof lockboxes. A lot of container companies allow customers their own security measures, whether they are multiple padlock spaces or digital security devices.


The storage container offers the option of versatility. Having to choose what to store, where one stores items, and how long those items will be stored are some of the primary reasons why people opt for portable storage containers instead of moving trucks. The convenience of storage containers offered by companies are improving constantly so an individual or a business would find a storage solution that would suit their requirements.


One of storage containers’ reasons is keeping the weather elements away. Storage facilities like storage containers are resistant to nature and – in some cases – are even insured against them. When renting or buying storage containers, here are some factors that one needs to consider.

• What will be stored in the storage container? There are companies that offer various storage unit sizes for all types of storage needs. There are containers that store even an item as small as a bicycle and there are storage units that store the contents of a house.

• Where are the storage units going to be placed? The first thing a client should do is deciding where to place the storage unit. A lot of container companies offer their own storage yards for a customer’s convenience or the company would also deliver the container to the customer’s desired location.

• How long will a storage unit be needed? There are many container companies that offer short-term and long-term storage solutions. In all, one has to properly plan a project and considering storage options is important in the planning process.

Being Cost-Effective

Many people might think that a storage container is a frivolous accessory to purchase or rent. However, if a person thinks about the storage solutions that will be paid for during resettlement or moving, the person would find out that a storage unit is perhaps the most efficient storage solution.

Useful in Home Renovation or Remodeling

Household items could be damaged during ongoing renovations in one’s home. A wise homeowner would temporarily store them in storage facilities onsite or offsite. This is why container companies offer temporary storage solutions for individuals.

Storage containers are useful when a homeowner is permanently transferring from one house to another. Storage units make the moving job very efficient. At a homeowner’s request, storage companies deliver storage containers to a homeowner’s place. The owner then stores his or her items. After everything is packed away, the owner then requests the storage company to transport his or her belongings to the new home.

Storage containers can also be used to store items during home staging. If a homeowner is attempting to sell the house while he or she is still living in it, the homeowner can choose to keep ‘undesirable’ items away in a storage container. This way, prospective home buyers would not have to see the clutter in the house they would buy in the near future. Using a storage unit and store clutter makes the home very attractive to prospective buyers.


The above items are the reasons why portable storage containers are important. They answer the storage need of any individual or business establishment.

4 Reasons Why Your Should Visit the TaylorMade Golf Experience

The TaylorMade Golf Experience is a golfer’s paradise set only a few minutes away from the rambunctious Las Vegas strip. Currently undergoing a major renovation, it will hold a grand re-opening this fall. You’ll be sure to find the new 10,000 square feet complex wonderful. Here are a few reasons why you should check it out.

1.Enjoy peace and tranquility in Las Vegas

The TaylorMade Golf Experience is located a few minutes away from the Las Vegas strip. Before or after spending a few hours enjoying the views and casinos of the noisy area, this destination is great for winding down from all that noise and excitement. Shoot a few holes, breathe the clean air, and enjoy the quiet that you can’t possibly have in downtown Las Vegas. Finally, you can get that panoramic view of Las Vegas that you can’t quite get from the airplane, or on your way to the hotel!

2.Try the Tuned Performance

TaylorMade Golf recently introduced its Tuned Performance. This golf equipment fitting combines science, art, and technology to allow players to have a unique and impactful experience with each game. Tuned performances aren’t like traditional custom fittings because these focus on enhancing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses. This experience will surely let out the best golfer inside you.

Golf iron setsThe first step in the Tuned Performance experience is a data-gathering process. This step helps establish a shared understanding of your current game state and our desired game state. Afterwards, specialists analyze the data and use TaylorMade equipment technologies to find the best distance and direction for you to fire your shots.

The TaylorMade Golf Experience is a must-go destination for those interested in undergoing the Tuned Performance. They have two bays for customized fitting and optimization of playing style waiting for you.

3.Play golf.

Of course, what use is a golfer’s paradise if you can’t play golf? There is really nothing similar to the par-3 course found in TaylorMade Golf Experience. First, it has a spectacular view of the Las Vegas strip. Second, the nine-hole complex will surely be fun and challenging. It’s designed similar to Tour greens, and each hole can range from 110 to 185 yards each. Third, it is specially lighted for night play. Fourth, you can enjoy the reflection of the surrounding desert landscape. All in all, this course is very wonderful for both long and short games.

There’s also a practice range in this complex, which boasts being the largest in Las Vegas. There are 113 stations, where you can choose to hit from a synthetic or a natural turf. The five target greens are strategically positioned on the environmentally friendly, man made surface. Take dead aim at one of these to practice your shots. The range is specially designed to receive shots as if they are real grass in the dry Las Vegas Valley.

Can’t wait until the opening? The par-3 course is open for business even while renovations are being made. The new TaylorMade Golf experience, which will open in fall, is a must-go destination for all types of golfers around the world.

4.Go shopping!

There’s nothing quite like entering a humungous golf store that contains all golf equipment you might possibly need. The new retail area will be more than 4,500 square feet big, boasting the latest TaylorMade equipment, Adidas Golf, soft goods and accessories, and Ashworth footwear and apparel. After having your Tuned Performance, or while at a practice session at the range or a quick game on the par-3 course, you may find something lacking among your stuff. A quick little strut to the nearby store will easily provide you with anything missing.


Printed circuit boards were created in the 1850’s when the electrical connection system was developed. During that time, metal rods or strips connected big components to wooden bases. They evolved in time. Metal chassis replaced wood bases and wires were used to screw terminals instead of metal strips. The large designs became more compact.

pcbIn 1903, Albert Hanson, a German inventor developed a multi-layered laminated flat foil conductors connected to an insulating board. The following year, the famous Thomas Alba Edison used chemical methods of plating conductors onto linen paper. In 1913, British Arthur Berry patented the print-and-etch method. While in United States, Max Schoop was able to get the patent of using flame-spray metal through a patterned mask.

In 1925, American Charles Ducas submitted a patent for a printed circuit or printed wiring method. During that time, smaller designs became in demand due to the growing needs for more compact and easy-to-manufacture circuit boards for consumer products. He was able to obtain the patent rights to create electrical paths directly connected to the insulated surface and printing a stenciled pattern using electrical conductive inks. His discovery of this technique gave birth to better, more convenient ways of producing circuit boards.

There was an evolution of ideas that transformed methods to suit the needs of different industries. In 1936, Paul Eisler, an Austrian engineer invented printed circuit for radios while he was in England. He patented the method of etching conductive patterns to a layer of copper foil which was bonded to non-conductive, glass reinforced base. This method was the pattern that modern printed circuit boards follow. But it took years before Eisler’s method became popular. It was only in 1950’s when transistor radios became commercially available that it became helpful. These transistors needed smaller circuit boards to accommodate small electronic components. The advent of these compact radios replaced big, vacuum type tubes that required traditional wiring or mounting.

Before World War II, United States of America began to use this technology to manufacture anti-craft proximity fuses to prepare for the battles. These products needed electronic circuit that can be produced in quantity in shorter time while being able to withstand gunfire attacks. They used ceramic plates with carbon materials for resistors and metallic and screen-printed patterns for conductors. The success and benefits that circuit boards gave United States the idea of using the technology for commercial purposes.

In 1948, US finally released the invention to help manufacturing companies create products for consumers. However, electronics market did not use them at once. United States Army Signal Corps personnel Stanislaus F. Danko and Moe Abramson developed the Auto-Sembly process. This is the method of board lamination, etching, dip soldering and wave soldering. It made the manufacturing of PCB easier rather than the old method of drilling holes to the board which enabled wires to connect with electronic components. It helped printed circuit boards become popular and more cost-effective because of mass production. Their patent in 1956 was used by the US army. The development of etching techniques and board lamination gave rise to fabrication of these modern printed circuit boards. The soldering techniques became easier and automatic.

In 1961, the traditional through-hole technology, with its function to make multi-layered PCBs, was patented by US manufacturing firm Hazeltyne. However, the increasing demand for dense and compact circuits resulted to new designs evolution. In 1970s, chips were introduced which were immediately incorporated to PCB designs. In the 1980s, the surface mount became more popular instead of through-hole method and led to the use of smaller boards.

All in all, the trend in the technology’s evolution is obvious – smaller boards brought forth lower production costs with similar functionality.

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